‘Lucky’ is the founder of the Gaming Club and the world’s unluckiest general. Dice rolls and fortune constantly conspire against him and to date, he’s never won a battle. Which makes him everyone’s favourite opponent.


Shady is never happier than when he’s tormenting his best friend, Lucky, on the field of battle. A calm and cool exterior hides his calculating and devilish way of thinking.  

 Gaming is Wilberforce’s passion. He knows every rule, fact and loophole, and is quite happy to exploit it. Other than that, his other asset is his height – which gives him enviable views across the arena of war.


Clive Custer is a military enthusiast and considers himself the finest strategic mind of his generation – a view shared only by his wife – who is continually thwarted in her plans to get him to spend less time at the Gaming Club. 

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