Hi, my name is Millsy (it’s not my real name), and I’m aged 32 and live with my wife in London, UK.

For the past few years I’ve been continuing with my day job while secretly developing a number of cartoon concepts that have been growing rapidly in my mind:

‘The DIYers’ marks my first commercial venture and is inspired by my experience of renovating the flats I’ve lived in, as well as working with my dad on a range of DIY projects as a young man.

The series is available on the fantastically useful website:


‘The Gaming Club’ is my second concept – a comic strip based on a group of friends that spend their free time role-playing, model-making and using their miniature armies to battle each other.

It’s all based on my experiences playing wargames with my friends and brothers. Those memories of scouring dungeons for treasure, charging formations of cavalry into the hapless enemy, and rolling ones on a die when you least need it has provided me with an endless supply of humerous moments.

At some point I’d love to be able to publish a series of books containing all of my work – as long as someone is interested…


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